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Before describing the community: The picture you see of the handsome devil is a GREAT inspiration for a romantic hero, don'tcha think? It's Gerry Butler, Scottish actor and wonderful all-around guy. If you're already swooning, read on.......!

This community is for writers of all romance genres (including contemporary, paranormal, suspense, historical, chick lit). Writers may be published or unpublished. Novels are the focus but novellas and short stories are welcome, too. Novels and stories that have a romantic subplot are fine, but the primary focus will, of course, be the romance novel. Members are encouraged to seek and provide feedback, discuss plotting, character development, background research tips, submission and agent news, etc. etc. This community is also welcome to those who don't write, but love romantic fiction and enjoy providing feedback for writers and discussing novels. Be witty, be friendly, be helpful, be creative, be YOURSELF and enjoy this community.